Chinese new year festival at Rooftop Mekha by SHAN Villas

You are our lovely Family

Celebrate your Chinese New Year at the first rooftop dining in Bangkok

For the upcoming festive Chinese New Year from 30 Jan – 1 Feb, which is after one of the important days for Chinese people and Thai with Chinese lineage. They will always do their traditional believe such as prayer for their ancestors. So, this will be a gathering of family and more relatives.



Being (Chi)Shinese on the splendid rooftop

There is a large space spare on the rooftop which is suitable for a big family to join us in this festive. The maximum capacity is 20 people for our extra size dome. All areas of the rooftop can accommodate a maximum of 170 people. Our restaurant will fulfill your family even child, adult and elderly. They will be getting in touch with dining at the central town while seeing the sundown and vanilla cloud. Moreover, you will enjoy live music too. For our food and beverage, we are proud to present the theme of Chinese foods in western style . One is the main ingredient on this moment “Smoked Duck Orange sauce”, and the second one is “Spaghetti Pesto Sauce” which we are comparing it with Chinese-Style Fried Noodle.


Family pic with city night view

You don’t need to try hard with a photo spot cause we did it for you. With the decoration of light, garden tree, and city night view. All of this gives you the crowning glory for keeping the memory of family. How it will be the perfect match when seeing you with cheongsam or red theme with the best photo shooting.




Pool Villa

In addition to our rooftop, We also have rooms and pool villas for a grand family with a private plunge pool, living room for a party or big dinner. Our villas can accommodate up to 10 people per villa, the SHAN Villas still cater to families looking for a place to stay and planning a trip for Travel Day.