Workations at SHAN Villas

A change of senary A change of creativity

Workations at SHAN Villas Sukhumvit give you more time and see the world while you are working. Not only let your soul be retreated by beautiful natural scenery but SHAN Villas Sukhumvit also focuses on the new lifestyle with the “A change of senary A change of creativity” concept.


Is it normal to be chained to your desk all day?

We believe that those who rely on a change of scenery, new experiences, and inspiration are the best way to produce their best work.

Workations at Shan Villas

This is a good way to find work-life-balance between absence and productivity. You can enjoy working with the fresh air smell and a plenty of meeting equipment. Moreover, you can take time with family, friends and special one and working at the same time.


o Private Plunge Pool Villas

o Family Room Private Pool Terrace

o Three-Bedroom Suite

o Deluxe Pool Access

o Deluxe One Bedroom

o Mekha Rooftop Domes Restaurant

Benefits of Workation at SHAN Villas Sukhumvit:

o A change of scenery and routine is a great way to find new inspirations and motivations, to refresh one’s creativity and worldview.

o Looking at your work from a different perspective helps you find ways to improve it.

o Touch the beautiful soul of your being and find the charming realness at SHAN Villas.

o Enable meeting and video conference with convenient gadgets such as 55-inch smart TV and Internet access.


Here you can enjoy having dinner with the first rooftop domes in Bangkok where you and your family are able to see the vanilla sky view after working. Meet the superb menu by a sophisticated chef and expert mixologist. Come and pick this place out, it is a truly relaxing private getaway! View more>>>